What Vermont Blue Rx can do for you

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Vermont Blue Rx helps you save money on your prescription drugs

Vermont Blue Rx can find the lowest costs for prescription medications while improving delivery options and efficiency:

  • Members with chronic and special conditions will be able to choose the Personalized Rx Counselor program. Personalized member consultations support condition management, medication use, and promote healthy diet and exercise.
  • The Vermont Blue Rx mobile app (coming Fall 2021) will allow you to connect instantly to refill prescriptions, find the lowest cost options and keep track of your health. Check back this fall for more information on the mobile app.
  • Our staff pharmacists assist both members and providers by identifying and managing prescription drug questions and developing care plans.

Best of all, Vermont Blue Rx helps us save on administrative services so that we can focus on offering benefits that are more responsive to your needs, close to home.

Vermont Blue Rx drug lists include medications that are the most appropriate and cost-effective for your treatment. This list can change from time to time, but it outlines the drugs, medications, and biologics that your plan covers.

Please see our drug lists below to ensure the medications you take are covered. You can also learn if your prescriptions are available as a generic, require prior approval, have quantity limits and much more.

Is my prescription covered? 

Is my pharmacy in the network?

Search pharmacies in the network and even compare costs.

  • Our find a pharmacy tool will be available in mid-July.

I take a lot of medications. Can you help me learn more about my medications?

Yes. We can help you learn more about the medications you take every day. Whether you’re curious about adverse side effects or if there is a lower-cost generic available to you — we can help. Take a moment to learn more about our Medication Therapy Management program. The best part? As a Blue Cross member, it’s FREE and included in your plan!