Welcome State of Vermont Members!

We are pleased to welcome you as a new member of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Vermont. We want to make your transition as easy as possible. We will post important information about benefits and enrollment information on this page, so please check back often.

Find a Doctor/Provider

Browse our network of providers or search for a specific provider using our provider directory tools. The chart below tells you what directory and network to use based on plan selection and desired service area.

VERMONT Service Area
The Vermont Service area includes Vermont and its contiguous counties (e.g. Dartmouth Hitchcock)

PlanProvider DirectoryNetwork
SelectCareBCBSVT DirectoryBCBSVT Network Providers (PPO/EPO/POS)

OUTSIDE Vermont Service Area

PlanProvider DirectoryNetwork


BCBSA National Doctor and
Hospital Finder


Note: Use the tool's network filter to find network providers, not your member ID. Click here for guidance.

BlueCard PPO/EPO


BlueCard Traditional

Ongoing care without disruption

Part of a smooth transition includes assuring that you receive ongoing care without disruption. To help make sure you continue to receive necessary care during the transition, you may need to complete a continuity of care form. 


Who should fill out the continuity of care form?

Fill out the form if you have a chronic medical, mental health, or substance abuse condition, if you are in the second or third trimester of pregnancy or if you have a surgery or services scheduled that required prior approval from your previous carrier. 


When do I need to complete and send the continuity of care form to Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Vermont?

Send your completed form to Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Vermont after December 1, 2013.