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Is my prescription covered?

To see if your prescription drugs are covered view the formularies list that will take effect on July 1, 2021.

Is my pharmacy in the network?

To view the list of pharmacies participating in Vermont Blue Rx, log in to the Member Resource Center. Here you will find a link to Pharmacy in the left-hand menu which will bring you to the Vermont Blue Rx portal for more information. 

Our online find a pharmacy tool will be coming in mid-July  check back soon for more information.

I take a specialty medication. How do I verify my coverage?

To verify that your specialty medication is covered with Vermont Blue Rx, sign in to the Member Resource Center. Here you will be able to sign up for OptumRx Specialty Pharmacy services.

View the list of specialty medications covered through Vermont Blue Rx as of July 1, 2021.

Can I get my medications delivered directly to my home?

Yes. We provide home-delivery services for maintenance medications – receive your refills automatically and manage your prescriptions. Some limitations apply to the class and type of drugs you can receive at home. Log in to the Member Resource Center to learn more and get started.

Can Vermont Blue Rx help me learn more about my medications?

Yes. We can help you learn more about the medications you take every day. Whether you’re curious about adverse side effects or if there is a lower-cost generic available to you — we can help. Take a moment to learn more about our Medication Therapy Management program. The best part? As a Blue Cross member, it’s FREE and included in your plan!

To view all the resources available to you through Vermont Blue Rx, log in to your Member Resource Center account


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