Registration Form

Provider Resource Center Registration

If you are the first individual registering for your practice/office you will be assigned the role "Local Administrator."  This means, you will have access to:

    • All standard features of the Provider Resource Center (same access as a "user")
    • Plus, the System Administrator feature for setting up and overseeing all other users of the registered practice/office (restricted access for Local Administrators only)


Typically, the "Local Administrator" is assigned to the office manager of the practice/office.  However, local administrator rights can be assigned to more than one person at the practice/office.


  • If you are not contracted with BCBSVT, your registration request will be denied.
  • If you are a billing service, your registration request will be denied, as access needs to be granted by the practice Local Administrator

I am the appropriate person for the "Local Administrator" role, continue to registration