Inpatient Pre-Notification

BlueCard Members:  To look up out-of-area member's prior approval/pre-notification/pre-certification/pre-service requirements, please use the Medical Policy Router.

Pre-Notification of scheduled inpatient admission is required under ALL benefit programs.

We collect clinical information pertinent to the request. The information is reviewed in conjunction with nationally recognized health care guidelines.

Requesting by:Details
Census Reporting FormOverview of requirements and process for census reporting.
Acuity ConnectAccessible within
Provider Resource Center
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Fax: 1-866-387-7914

Phone - 24 hours

Call (800) 922-8778

  • Provide member name and certificate #
  • Be prepared to provide clinical details


Response Times

Providers are verbally notified of the determination of pre-notified services within three business days after obtaining all necessary information.