Electronic Payment / EFT

Electronic payment is offered free of charge and provides the following benefits:

  • Reduced administrative costs
  • Improved cash flow
  • More secure transactions (compared to paper checks)

Additional Information:

  • Electronic payments are issued by Wells Fargo bank.
  • Provider vouchers for electronic payments must be accessed on the Provider Resource Center (PRC). You can sign up for the PRC here.
  • Paper provider vouchers will cease to be mailed on the date your enrollment in electronic payment takes effect.

Electronic Payment Partner:

We partner with CAQH EnrollHub® for the collection and maintenance of our providers’ banking information.

CAQH EnrollHub is a free, secure, online system that allows providers to enroll with multiple payers.

There are two ways to sign up:

  • If you are not a CAQH EnrollHub user, go to https://solutions.caqh.org/bpas to enroll.
  • If you are already a CAQH EnrollHub user, log in to your account and add BCBSVT as a payer.

For answers to additional questions (including how to update your banking information in CAQH EnrollHub), please see our short FAQ or contact the CAQH EnrollHub support desk:

Payment Schedule:

  • Finalized claims move to payment process on Tuesdays.
  • Holidays do not impact our payment schedule
  • Provider vouchers become available on the Provider Resource Center on Wednesdays.
  • Electronic payment deposits are made on Fridays.

Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA/835)

An electronic remittance advice (ERA) or 835, is the electronic equivalent of a provider voucher.

  • ERAs are available through a clearinghouse that accepts 835 transactions. Click here to verify that your vendor accepts 835 transactions and has a relationship with BCBSVT.
  • To receive ERAs through your clearinghouse, complete an EDI 835 Enrollment E-Form, located on the Electronic Data Interchange page of our provider website.
  • Questions about enrolling in electronic 835? Email editechsupport@bcbsvt.com
  • PDF versions of provider vouchers are also available on our Provider Resource Center (PRC). You can sign up for the PRC here.