Accredo® Specialty Pharmacy

Accredo®, an Express Scripts specialty pharmacy, is one of our three preferred providers for specialty medicines.

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Pay Less for Specialty Medicines

Purchase your specialty medicines through Accredo and you'll pay less. By filling your specialty prescriptions through Accredo, you'll pay only your plan's co-payment and receive a variety of specialty pharmacy services.

List of specialty medicines

What you get with Accredo

  • Safe, prompt delivery
    Accredo will schedule and quickly ship all your specialty medicines, including those that require special handling such as temperature-sensitive medicines.
  • Personalized care
    You'll have access to a team of pharmacists and nurses who have received specialty training in your medical condition.
  • Supplies
    Such as syringes, needles and sharps containers.
  • Support - 24/7
    Trained pharmacists and nurses are available all hours to answer your questions an assist you in managing your condition.
  • Refill reminders
    Accredo will contact you regularly to schedule your next refill and see how your therapy is progression. For convenience, some specialty medicine refills can be ordered online, safely and securely, through
  • Drug safety monitoring
    As an Express Scripts pharmacy, Accredo can access your prescription information on file at all Express Scripts pharmacies to monitor for potential drug interactions and side effects of your medicines.

How to Get Started

Ordering specialty medicines through Accredo is as easy as 1, 2, 3!


Call (844) 693-0163
to speak with a patient-care representative.


Accredo will contact
your doctor

and start the arrangements to move your specialty prescriptions.


Accredo will call you back
to arrange for delivery of your
medicine on a day that is
convenient for you.