Wellness Drug Lists

Plans with a Wellness Drug Rider may provide special benefits for medications purchased at Network Pharmacies. If you have a risk factor for or are recovering from certain diseases or conditions, the wellness medications you are prescribed to prevent the occurrence or recurrent may be covered.

Review the current listing to see if your medication is eligible.


Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Vermont Wellness Drug List


NPF Wellness Drug List 

Some drugs come in multiple dosage form versions. The Wellness Drug list only applies to the versions of the drug that treat these conditions:

  • Blood pressure lowering medications
  • Cholesterol lowering medications
  • Agents to prevent blood clots
  • Agents to prevent osteoporosis
  • Agents to prevent prenatal nutrient deficiency
  • Asthma medications
  • Diabetic medication

If you are unsure, please call Express Scripts at (877) 493-1947