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Formulary / Drug Lists

Determine what prescription drugs are covered under your plan or may require approval before you have them filled. You either have the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Vermont Formulary or the National Performance Formulary.

Formulary / Drug Lists

View your Pharmacy Benefits

With an Express Scripts secure account you can view your pharmacy benefits, access prescription claims history, price a drug or learn about ways to save on your prescriptions.

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Exclusive Specialty Pharmacy Network Program

If you use specialty medicines, you'll pay less when you purchase them through one of three specialty pharmacy network locations.

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Medication Therapy Management (MTM)

Do you ever wish you knew more about the medications you take every day? Or that your doctor had more time to sit down and discuss your medication regimen with you? If so, our MTM program may be right for you, and it’s FREE!

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Ways to Fill Your Prescriptions

Retail and mail order pharmacy options are available. Remember to use a network pharmacy to receive pharmacy benefits.

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Learn more about different types of medications using the Healthwise Drug Encyclopedia.