Diversity & Inclusion at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Vermont

Our Diversity Program

Mission Statement

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Vermont is committed to creating an inclusive environment where employees respect, appreciate, and value individual differences, both among ourselves and in our communities. We believe our future success is dependent on our ability to effectively service and support the diverse healthcare needs of our members and the people of Vermont.

"One of the enduring strengths of Vermont is the diversity of its people – diversity in ethnic and racial heritages, religious beliefs and cultural influences, as well as in life experiences and perspectives. At Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Vermont we embrace and celebrate the strength of this diversity – not only in the population we serve but among our own employees.

We believe that when we recognize the richness of our differences it helps us understand our common needs and expectations as well. And that makes us better able to take care of each other, and more prepared to provide the kind of personal, caring service that our members both demand and expect."

- Don George, President & CEO


What We're Doing at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Vermont

At Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Vermont, we always look for ways to support diversity both inside and outside our building. What follows is a list of our current involvement, whether it's programs we sponsor and support or our own initiatives:

  • We implement the We CARE training; a service quality education program developed to promote a culture of caring and to improve the skills we must use to create that experience for our members.
  • We have an on-going series of internal lunch and learns in which we highlight various cultural groups and issues.
  • We are an active member of the Farm Health Task Force; a consortium of medical professionals, agriculture professionals, agency leaders and others concerned with the unique issues of farm health and safety.
  • We participate in the Minority Health Advisory Committee of the Vermont Department of Health.
  • We strive to ensure supplier diversity. We support small, diverse businesses. We also make an effort to support local Vermont companies and organizations.
  • We fully subscribe to the goals of the Vermont Blueprint for Health; a statewide effort to coordinate chronic care services for all Vermonters.