7 Ways to Save on Prescriptions Prescription drug costs are the main driver of rising health care premiums. These seven simple ways to save can help you cut your costs and keep Rx expenses down for everyone.Navigating Health Care
Cheese maker
Meditation and Mindfulness at Jasper Hill Farm Jasper Hill Farm sits downslope from a narrow dirt road that winds through the Northeast Kingdom’s Greensboro Bend. There’s no visible signage at the turnoff; instead, you’ll see a cow shed painted midnight blue with a mural depicting rolling hills under a full moon made of their iconic Bayley Hazen Blue, named the “World’s Best Unpasteurized Cheese” at the 2014 World Cheese Awards.Living Well
HSA Piggy Bank
HRA, HSA, FSA: Understanding Health Spending and Saving Accounts Health savings accounts (HSA), health reimbursement arrangements (HRA), and flexible spending accounts (FSA) are simple pre-tax ways for you to use for health care expenses today and save money for the future. But how do these accounts work, and how do you decide which type(s) might be right for you?Navigating Health Care
Smoking Smoke
Are You Ready to Start Your Smoke-Free Life? There are many resources available to assist you on your journey to quit smoking. The most important question to be successful is: are YOU ready? Living Well

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