Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Vermont Celebrates the Culmination of Girls on the Run Vermont 2021 Season The Girls on the Run program is open to girls in elementary school, and their Heart and Sole program has a specialized curriculum for middle school girls. Each lesson the organization runs is designed to engage participants' confidence, positive decision making, physical, social, and emotional competencies.News Releases
Black Family
Blue Cross Blue Shield Study Reports Higher Childbirth Complication Rates for Black and Hispanic Women Regardless of Age Black women under the age of 24 are more likely to experience severe childbirth complications than white women over the age of 35 – an age group usually considered high risk, according to new data from the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association (BCBSA). Data shows the rates of childbirth complications have been increasing for women of color. In the last two years, the rate of Hispanic women with severe childbirth complications increased 19%.News Releases
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Vermont Proposes Lower Premiums in 2022 For the first time since the inception of the Affordable Care Act, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Vermont (Blue Cross) can recommend a premium reduction. Compared with last year, the proposal is to lower overall health insurance premiums collected by almost one percent (-0.9%). This is the overall rate change prior to unmerging the individual and small group market.News Releases
Lifting Boxes
Food Pilot Works in Collaboration to Support Families A new food pilot was born in April as an offshoot of the highly successful Everyone Eats Vermont project. This idea came from Capstone Executive Director Sue Minter’s goal to expand mobility to Vermonters through greater transportation and food access. By decentralizing the food shelf delivery system and providing meals in concert with child support services, Capstone is responding to what people need to be successful parents, and easy access to healthy meals rose to the top of the list. “The Everyone Eats project has been wildly successful in a time when small businesses and Vermonters are struggling, and the Orange County Parent Child Food Pilot is the next step toward meeting people where they are,” says Casey Engels, Everyone Eats Program Manager and Special Projects with Capstone Community Action. The Central Vermont hub is working with ten restaurants to move 5,000 meals a week to Vermonters through June 30. As it ends, the Orange County Parent Child Center Food Pilot may be able to extend the concept while heading in a slightly different direction.News Releases

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