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Did you know that due to a wrinkle in federal law, youth who age out of foster care and then move to another state are not able to automatically access Medicaid?

This holiday season as we physically distance to help keep our loved ones well, many people turn to the comforts of cooking to fill our homes with cheer.
Quarantine means staying at a home or dwelling for 14 days starting on the day you were potentially exposed to COVID-19.

Do you ever wonder what happens with those surveys you fill out after a phone call to a customer service team? Here at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Vermont, we listen to each customer’s response and take immediate steps to make changes based on your feedback.

14.3 million pounds of food goes to waste on Vermont farms every summer. At the invitation of the farmers, non-profits like Community Harvest of Central Vermont organize people to pick fruits, vegetables, and berries that are unsalable by the farmer. This process of gleaning saves millions of pounds of food from the waste stream each year, while getting nutritious, locally grown produce to vulnerable neighbors.

For Apple Days 2020, over 4,000 Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Vermont “pick a peck on us” vouchers went out to families across all 14 counties, encouraging Vermonters to take to the orchards and recharge with family and friends.

Whether you’re swimming in Emerald Lake, paddling along the Winooski, tubing in the White River, or taking the plunge at the Bolton Potholes, when it comes to water, it’s important to know how to stay safe while you’re having fun.
For 11 years, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Vermont’s (Blue Cross) Hike, Bike and Paddle events have motivated people of all ages to get outside to exercise, try a new activity, or to simply enjoy the beauty of our state. This year, instead of having a series of events, we are inviting Vermonters to Hike, Bike and Paddle – and post. Their event encourages socializing at a distance to help keep Vermonters healthy and provides a chance to win a new kayak with paddle and personal flotation device included.
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Vermont condemns racism and systemic oppression and stands in solidarity with other local, Vermont institutions to proactively disrupt the status quo. Furthermore, we believe the recent killings of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor are a result of longstanding aggression and racial profiling dating back generations.
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