“Provider Passport Program” Streamlines Patient Care Administration Process

Provider Passport Vermont
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Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Vermont (Blue Cross) is piloting a new program that will dramatically simplify participating providers’ ability to request diagnostic imaging for their patients. The Provider Passport Program for Advanced Imaging will make it easier for eligible contracted providers to order MRIs, CAT scans, and other forms of radiology for patients who need these diagnostic tests.

Under the Provider Passport Program, providers with a history of excellence in adhering to evidence-based clinical pathways will be able to submit their advanced imaging requests via a streamlined process that substantially reduces their administrative burden. For providers with the strongest histories of evidence-based practice, the program will eliminate clinical review requirements for the duration of the pilot. Dr. Joshua Plavin, chief medical officer at Blue Cross, says the program was developed in response to valuable feedback from the provider community regarding the prior approval process.

“This program is part of our ongoing commitment to improving quality of care for our members while reducing administrative burden for providers,” Plavin said.

The initial pilot of the Provider Passport Program will run for two years and may expand to other authorization areas in the future.