Medicaid Waiver for Youth Out of Foster Care Did you know that due to a wrinkle in federal law, youth who age out of foster care and then move to another state are not able to automatically access Medicaid? Vermont Community
Using Network Providers Protects Your Wallet Using Providers who are in the Blue Cross Network Protects Your Wallet Did you know that you may pay significantly more for care you receive from out-of-network providers? The providers in the Blue Cross network, those we call “network providers,” agree to accept reasonable payment for services and supplies, also known as the “allowed amount.” We prohibit our network providers from billing our members for costs that exceed the allowed amount, so you pay only your plan’s deductible, co-payments, or co-insurance for the in-network covered care you need.Navigating Health Care
A Healthy Recipe Inspired by Love This holiday season as we physically distance to help keep our loved ones well, many people turn to the comforts of cooking to fill our homes with cheer. Vermont Community
Winter Exercise
Exercise and Mental Health When Dr. John Koutras thinks about exercise, he doesn’t picture the sweating that improves our physical strength and performance. He goes right to brain health. “Exercise leads to neurobiological health,” he said at a recent talk sponsored by the Howard Center. “Mood is linked to higher amounts of serotonin, nerve growth, and the good kind of hormones. All of these releases allow for neurogenesis to occur.” Living Well

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