Mountain Days

Many of the programs we develop or support originate from community advisory boards around Vermont. These groups of committed health-minded Vermonters support health promotion and education in the areas of the state in which they live. One such celebration spearheaded by our Windham County Community Advisory Board in 2000 is our annual Mountain Day. Each year, hundreds of Vermonters convene to hike up Mt. Wantastiquet, near Brattleboro. The success of this community event led us to expand to other areas in Vermont, most recently Burke Mountain and Mt. Anthony in Bennington.

We invite families and solo hikers alike to join us as we enjoy the natural beauty of Vermont while we exercise in the great outdoors! At all Mountain Days, the first 100 attendees receive a free Mountain Day t-shirt and a healthy lunch.

2020 Mountain Days

Spring dates canceled due to COVID-19 restrictions. Events to be rescheduled in Fall if possible.


Photos from our Mountain Day Events

2018 Mt. Wantastiquet

2016 Mt. Wantastiquet

2015 Mt. Wantastiquet

2015 Mt. Philo

2014 Mt. Philo

2014 Mt. Wantastiquet

2013 Mt. Wantastiquet

2012 Mt. Wantastiquet

2011 Mt. Wantastiquet

2010 Mt. Wantastiquet