Our Story

Always put Member Experience First:

Success now and in the future will rely on providing outstanding member experiences.  We are committed to providing our members with personalized information and resources to meet their needs.  We are also committed to provide them with the tools they need to navigate a complex health care system.

Customer-driven Excellence:

We strive to understand the expectations of today’s customers and anticipate the desires of tomorrow’s. Our service levels shall exceed our customers’ standards for excellence. We value flexibility and the capacity to lead and respond to rapid change. We focus on key results, and creating value for our customers, our employees, our partners and our community.

Focus on the Future:

We align our strategic direction with our customers' needs. Our leaders envision the future and establish goals to reach that future. We strive to anticipate our customers' expectations, technological developments, evolving regulatory requirements, community expectations and strategic moves by competitors. Continuous improvement in products, services and processes is our daily objective. We monitor and manage performance for business results by aligning key indicators, key strategies and key processes with our financial, technical and human resources to improve overall performance and customer satisfaction.

Valuing Each Other and Our Partners:

We understand that our success depends in great part on the knowledge, skills, creativity and motivation of our employees. We are committed to employees’ development, success and well-being. Learning is a regular part of our daily work at the individual, work unit and organizational levels. We invest in employees’ success by providing opportunities for education, training and practicing new skills. We recognize our providers as critical partners in the delivery of quality health care, and we strive to provide them with the best practices and performance information they need to provide service excellence to our customers.

Integrity, Public Responsibility and Citizenship:

We are a good corporate citizen. We practice impeccable business ethics. We are at all times cognizant of the welfare of our customers and their need to access high-quality health care.