Vermont Blue 65℠ Medicare Supplement Plans


At Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Vermont, we believe your best years are ahead of you. Our plans provide the complete Medicare coverage you deserve so you can live your best life. It’s one more way we’re helping Keep Vermont Well. Our Vermont Blue 65 plans are designed for Vermonters who are not in their initial eligibility period.

With a Medicare supplemental plan, you will first need to enroll in Original Medicare Part A and Part B coverage. If you want drug coverage, you will also need to enroll in Part D coverage. We offer a Part D plan called Blue Medicare Rx.

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These plans:

  • Follow the same basic benefit structure as all other Medicare Supplemental plans
  • Helps cover out-of-pocket costs
  • Give you access to any doctor or facility in the U.S. that accepts Medicare—so you can keep accessing the provider network you’ve grown accustomed to using!
  • Do not require a referral to see a specialist
  • Provide coverage that travels with you throughout the U.S.
  • Offer special invitations to fun-filled activities and events throughout the state
  • Ensure peace of mind so you can feel confident that you are protected against unexpected costs with coverage that supplements Medicare Parts A and B
  • Provide personalized service from our Vermont-based sales and customer service staff

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2021 Vermont Blue 65 Certificates of Coverage
Vermont Blue 65 Plan A
Vermont Blue 65 Plan C
Vermont Blue 65 Plan D
Vermont Blue 65 Plan F
Vermont Blue 65 Plan G


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