Pharmacy Access and Refills for Members

If you take prescription medications to maintain your health, we recommend:

This can help ensure you’ll have what you need if you become ill or encounter a temporary shortage or other disruption to access during this time.

If you have a chronic condition, your pharmacist will be able to request a one-time refill to ensure continued access to your medication under extenuating circumstances.

Cost-sharing for your prescription drugs still applies. Please be advised that controlled substances and specialty medications are not eligible for the 90-day supply and cannot be refilled early at this time.

Prescription delivery pharmacy

Many local Vermont pharmacies are offering deliver to your home, free of charge. This list below is subject to change and hours and availability may evolve during this pandemic. When you need to request a refill, we recommend checking in with your pharmacy of choice several days in advance to verify current hours and delivery availability.

Retail pharmacy home delivery

PharmacyLocationDelivery OptionsDelivery Fee
WalgreensmultipleOffers home delivery. Please arrange this when filling a new script or refilling.$0
Beauchamp & O’Rourke


Has been delivering meds to patient’s homes since 1920.$0
UVMMC Outpatient PharmacyBurlingtonUVMMC’s outpatient pharmacy will deliver your medications to your house. Please contact the pharmacy for more details.$0
Rutland PharmacyRutland All of these stores offer free delivery.

Covering Rutland and surrounding area to Brandon north and Fairhaven west. 

Wallingford to south. 
Ludlow covers its area.

Springfield covers its area including Chester.
Ludlow PharmacyLudlow$0
Springfield PharmacySpringfield$0
River Street PharmacySpringfield$0
Rite AidmultipleThey are checking on it.$0
Vermont Family PharmacyBurlingtonDelivers within a three-mile radius from the store.$0
Woodstock PharmacyWoodstockWoodstock Pharmacy will deliver free medications to those who are quarantined.$0
DHMC Outpatient PharmacyHanoverThe Dartmouth-Hitchcock Pharmacy delivers prescriptions free of charge to its patients via USPS or FedEx. If any patients would like this service, please call toll-free at (855) 280-3893.$0
CVSmultipleHome delivery offered at no cost.$0
KinneymultipleOffers home delivery.

They will deliver over-the-counter medications and other personal care items for a $2 charge