Get Care from Home: Telemedicine During COVID-19 Pandemic

Staying home reduces the exposure and spread of COVID-19. Telemedicine and over-the-phone office visits are key to controlling the spread of this disease. Whether you are concerned about COVID-19 or a non-urgent concern, call before heading to your provider’s office.

Expanded telehealth services with your provider

  • We are advocating for physician and health system adoption of social distancing-encouraged capabilities.
  • Vermont providers can now offer expanded telemedicine services over various audio-visual platforms.
  • This coverage applies to preventive visits for adults and children over two-years of age, mental health providers, physical, occupational and speech therapy and applied behavioral analysis, among others.
  • Cost-sharing is consistent with your benefit and the type of service you receive.
  • You should discuss with provider what kind of audio-visual platform you should use.
  • In times like this, technology should not be a barrier to care.

Expanded telephone-only visits

  • Allow telephone-only visits for members without access to audio/visual equipment.
  • We have expanded access to care for members who do not have access to audio or visual equipment for telemedicine visits.
  • Medically necessary out-patient visits (previously covered and allowed via telemedicine platforms) can now occur over the phone.
  • For a full listing of codes, providers should log on to the provider resource center.
  • Cost-sharing is consistent with your benefit and the type of service you receive.

24/7 doctor visits on your smartphone, tablet or computer

  • Effective March 20, 2020, we will cover urgent AmWell telemedicine visits at no cost to you.
  • Wait times may be long. AmWell is adding providers to their network to reduce the wait time. In the meantime, you can request a visit and can choose to receive a text message when a doctor becomes available.
  • AmWell has established a Telehealth Response Program to support the use of telehealth as an initial COVID-19 screening tool, which includes an always-on-call infection control officer.
  • Download the AmWell app: Doctor visits 24/7 app on the App Store [Download the app for Apple / Android].
  • Individuals who do not have our coverage can still access AmWell but will need to pay AmWell’s standard fee of $69.00 using a credit card, which can be done online prior to seeing the provider.

Log in to the Member Resource Center or contact customer service at (800) 247-2583 with questions about benefit coverage and cost-sharing for these services.