Submit a Reimbursement Request for Better Beginnings

Reimbursement Instructions

Click on the Member Claim Form below that corresponds to the option you discussed with your Better Beginnings Nurse during your enrollment call. Be sure to save it to your phone or computer:

If you would like to change your option, please contact your Better Beginning Nurse prior to submitting reimbursements.

To complete and submit your reimbursement form:

  • Open the file and add your personal information. Fill in your ID number, group number, and employer-based health plan status.
    • Skip the boxes for Physicians and Additional information.
  • Fill in the date of service/purchase and the amount.
  • Type your name on the signature line and the date.
  • Click 'save as'
  • Email this form and your receipt to our customer service team at
  • In four to six weeks you’ll receive a letter with a check at the bottom of the last page. If you have any questions about reimbursements, please call customer service at (800) 247-2583.

        Once you complete the pdf, save it to your phone or computer if you want a copy for your records.