Enroll with Better Beginnings

How to Enroll in the Program

First, contact our customer service team to confirm your eligibility and ensure your plan includes this program. Call us at (800) 247-2583. Note: If you are eligible, you must enroll in Better Beginnings prior to the birth of your baby to receive standard benefits. If you register prior to 34 weeks, you may be able to choose from enhanced benefits, too! Once you’re enrolled you may make changes at any time.

Then, there are two ways you can enroll: 

  • Online (We auto-complete some fields for you!)
  • Fax - complete, print, and return the following form:
    • Better Beginnings Health Risk Assessment (HRA) - This questionnaire will allow us to better understand your overall health and help us determine if you may be at risk for an early delivery or other pregnancy complications.
    • Once you complete the form, please fax it to us at (866) 387-7914.

Once we receive your completed Health Risk Assessment (HRA), one of our nurse case managers will contact you to review your responses and make sure you understand the program benefits. Your enrollment is complete!