Our goal is to provide meaningful information so that you may make informed decisions about your health care. Please remember that medical information provided by BCBSVT must be considered as educational and informational only.

The information provided by BCBSVT cannot predict the quality or outcome of any single individual's health care experience. Your experience will be the result of a variety of different factors, including, but not limited to, the hospital or health care provider office at which you receive care, the health care provider(s) from whom you receive care, and your own health status.
BCBSVT cannot guarantee the quality or outcome of any medical care you receive at a hospital or health care provider office listed on this website.

Collection and Validation of Online Provider Directory Data:
Information is self-reported every 3 years (with the exception noted below), or more often according to state or federal requirements.  BCBSVT requires the provider to sign a document assuring us that the information is correct.  We independently verify the Provider Name, NCQA Certification, Board Certification, and Hospital Accreditation.
Important Note:
BCBSVT makes every effort to keep its directory complete and accurate.  This data may change between our three year validation cycles.  However, we rely on our providers to notify us when any of this information changes.  The online Provider Directory is updated on a nightly basis from our core systems.  If you have questions about the information listed here, please contact the provider directly.
The information found on this website should be one of several resources. Please remember to confirm that any hospital or health care provider you select, or service you are having, is covered under your health plan.


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