Vermont Domestic Partner Eligibility

Domestic partners and their dependents are only eligible for coverage if:

  • The employer group elected domestic partnership coverage as part of their group plan and
  • A completed, notarized Statement of Domestic Partnership* is provided by the employee to the employer


Requirements for employees seeking domestic partnership coverage:

  • Must enroll domestic partner during employer group's open enrollment period (a.k.a. anniversary date)
  • Completed and notarized Statement of Domestic Partnership*

*The Statement of Domestic Partnership has its own set of criteria which must be satisfied before notarization can occur.


Federal and state laws do not provide the same continuation of benefits rights to domestic partners and their dependents as to other members of your group. For that reason, we recommend that groups offering domestic partnership coverage carefully review the Continuation of Benefits section of this manual.

Note:  In accordance with Federal law, domestic partners are not entitled to the tax savings related to Health Savings Accounts and other consumer-directed health plans. Please contact an attorney and/or an accountant for more information.