Open Enrollment

What is Open Enrollment? 

Open enrollment is the period of time in which customers can elect changes that will be effective on their anniversary.

When is Open Enrollment? 

  • On the anniversary of your original enrollment

Please be aware of deadlines and ensure that your employees receive ample notification and opportunity to make changes.

Exceptions - Small Group

  • Certain small groups are exempt from open enrollment periods by Vermont state law (although small groups that obtain coverage through association groups may be subject to those associations’ open enrollment periods).
  • If your group is exempt, your employees may make the changes listed below at any time.  Changes will be effective on the first of the month following date of receipt.
  • Subsections on open enrollments and special enrollments do not apply to you.

Unsure of whether your group has open enrollments?  Contact a Consumer and Business Support Service representative at 1-800-255-4550.


Open Enrollment Activities  

Groups with open enrollment may do the following on their anniversary date:

  • Change the organization’s benefit plan
  • Change probationary periods for employees
  • Allow employees to switch from another carrier’s coverage to Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Vermont coverage
  • Add to the plan any employees or dependents who refused coverage at the time of hire or during their initial eligibility periods
  • Allow employees to change benefit plans (if applicable)

Submission Deadline

Your employees must submit membership changes prior to an open enrollment. Changes will be made on open enrollment.