Enrollment FAQs

Where can I locate Blue Cross Blue Shield forms?

Where can I locate a directory for primary care physicians?
The PCP directory can be located by using our Find a Doctor application.

Is it required to submit a Group Membership Update form with the Group Enrollment Form?
No, most membership changes can be processed from the Group Enrollment Form.

When can I expect to receive my ID cards?
Generally, ID cards are mailed to the subscriber’s home address within 7-10 days of processing.

Can I submit membership changes using my invoice?
No, do not make membership changes on the invoice or send any membership changes to our payment address.

Can I pay a lower premium than billed based on a pending change?
It is highly recommended you pay the total amount due shown on the last page of your invoice. If you are expecting adjustments, because we bill a month in advance, these adjustments may appear on a future invoice.

How do I obtain information regarding COBRA/VIPER coverage?
COBRA is federally mandated. VIPER (VT Statute) is state mandated. Please contact your legal counsel for questions.

If COBRA/VIPER has been offered to a former employee, when should I submit the cancel request?
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Vermont recommends you submit the cancel request once the individual has left employment. If continuation of coverage is elected, the coverage will be effective the day coverage was lost, as long as the paperwork is received on time.

When can I make benefit changes?
Benefit changes can only be made once a year, on the anniversary of your original enrollment or association renewal date, or due to special enrollment event.