Employee Enrollment for Vermont Health Insurance

Enrolling an Employee in Group Coverage

An eligible employee may enroll in group coverage during these times:

  • Initial enrollment opportunity - first opportunity in which employee is eligible to enroll following completion of company's probationary period if applicable.

If employee refuses initial opportunity they cannot join until:

  • Open enrollment - usually the anniversary date of the group's original enrollment.
  • Special enrollment - triggered by a qualified event.

Enrollment Process

Determine Eligibility and Membership Type

Before enrolling each employee, you must determine:

  • His or her eligibility
  • His or her dependent's eligibility
  • Type of membership employee will need


Membership typeDescription
SingleEmployee with no dependents
Two-PersonEmployee plus one eligible dependent (child, spouse, party to civil union or eligible domestic partner)
FamilyEmployee with more than one eligible dependent

Note:  Employees must enroll all eligible dependents with the following exception: a spouse, party to a civil union or eligible domestic partner who may refuse coverage.


Give Employee a Summary of Benefits and Coverage

Federal law requires that employers must provide all their employees with a copy of the Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC) with an application for insurance. Prior to completing an enrollment form, you must ensure that your employees have the SBC or SBCs that apply to the coverage for which they may enroll.


Complete a Group Enrollment Form

Enrolling employees: submit a completed group enrollment form.

Employees declining group coverage:  submit a signed group enrollment form indicating refusal of coverage. 

Note:  Employees who refuse coverage cannot join the group until one of two things occurs:  open enrollment or qualifiying event.


Primary Care Provider Choice (if Managed Care)

If a managed care plan is selected, a primary care provider must be selected for the subscriber and all eligible dependents in order for membership to become effective.